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If you experience a fire in your home, the effects are devastating. Fires are capable of destroying both our homes and our most treasured personal possessions. Unfortunately, even if the flames of the fire are no longer present, the resulting damage can wreak havoc on your property long after the fire’s conclusion if not properly addressed.

If you may begin to see that your clothes have stains, your wooden furniture suddenly needs refinishing, or a yellow color appearing on your walls, you’re suffering from extended fire damage. Your respiratory health may even worsen due to the smoke’s impact on your home’s air quality, as well as from mold growth from the water used to try and put out the fire. You must contact a professional in fire damage restoration as soon as possible. 

Why Choose Us?

Located in Fredericksburg and serving Richmond and 14 counties in northern and central Virginia, R&J Snyder Restoration has proudly served the communities we live in for over 35 years. As a local and family-owned business, we strive to offer the best service at fair price, every time.

We Have the Right Equipment & Products

As time passes, it becomes increasingly more difficult to remove odors from the smoke. Additionally, if materials like water, smoke, and soot combine they create a destructive substance that can negatively affect many areas of your home, impacting furniture, ceilings, walls, and flooring. Unfortunately, products found at your local hardware store will not be powerful enough to counteract these issues, which is where we can offer help.

After a fire, there are many harsh chemicals inside of your home that poses potential harm, but we have the protective gear necessary for the restoration process. We use industrial-grade cleaning equipment and products that are much more effective than anything you can buy at the store. With our professional supplies, we are well equipped to complete your cleaning and restoration efficiently.

We Can Help Save Your Valuables & Prevent Structural Damage

The worst part about a fire occurring is the damage that affects your items and the structure of your household.  You can rely on us to begin working quickly to salvage your personal belongings and prevent permanent smoke and fire damage from affecting your residence.

Our staff understands that time is of the essence when it comes to saving your things. You can be confident that our highly experienced restoration crew will use the best, most efficient methods of repair and cleaning to protect your possessions and house from long-term problems. With our equipment and expertise, we will return your home to its original condition.

We’re Cost Effective

If you try to manage the cleanup after a fire on your own, you’ll waste both time and money on solutions that don’t actually work. Ultimately, our company’s service is more cost-effective, especially since the majority of insurance companies cover the cost of fire damage. With R&J Snyder you’re getting a great rate for a high-quality service with much less hassle.

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