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Q: What’s the difference between restoration & remodeling?

A: Restoration as it concerns R&J Snyder is the process of fixing structural and safety issues in your home resulting from a flood or other catastrophic event. Restoration includes reinforcing or replacing weakened structural elements, mold elimination, smoke and char removal, water extraction, drying, and repairs.

Remodeling is the rebuilding of your home to look and feel like home again. This process includes floor finishing, carpet re-stretching, drywall, paint, trim, patching, sanding, and making it look like the home you remember.


Unfortunately, events like floods and fires can happen at almost any time for a variety of reasons, whether they be a broken pipe, a natural disaster, or an improperly cleaned oven. Whenever these types of misfortunes occur, your home, business, personal items, and even your psychological state can suffer because of the damage that fire, water, and mold can inflict.

However, there is action that you can take to limit the resulting damage from fires, floods, or a mold problem and return your home to normal. If you live anywhere in Central or Northern Virginia that action is to call R&J Snyder Enterprises, LLC, the reputable expert in home remediation VA trusts most.

Fredericksburg, Richmond, and 14 other counties across Virginia

When it comes to making sure that your residence is properly taken care of if there is water damage, mold, or fire damage, you can trust R&J Snyder Enterprises, LLC. We’re the go-to for home remediation services for the following reasons:

24/7 Service

If you have water flooding your home and it’s not extracted immediately, the more likely you will be to experience severe water damage. That’s why our company is available to provide emergency services twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. Whether you need assistance in the early hours of the morning or the middle of the night, you can rely on us to be there to help you.

We Take On All Types of Restoration Services

With decades of experience, we’ve solved all types of issues that require remediation. These include mold damagewater damage, and fire damage, giving us the skills and knowledge necessary for restoring your home, no matter the source of injury.

In addition to having the ability to renew your household, we also have all of the right equipment for the job. We have everything from protective gear and air movers to neutralizing products and dehumidifiers. With our high-powered equipment, you can depend on us to efficiently clean up and repair any resulting damage to make your home look like new. Plus, you will not have to go out and buy any expensive equipment or products, so the only thing you will have to pay for is the remediation cost.

We’re Licensed & Insured

Uninsured and unlicensed contractors are a liability – they may not have the ability or expertise to finish the job correctly, if at all, and you could have to pay them compensation should they get hurt on the job.

We are both licensed and insured, which protects not only us but you. Hiring us, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have any liability, and we’ll get the job done right the first time.

We Can Help You Salvage Your Home & Possessions

Whether it is damage resulting from a fire or from moisture, it can negatively affect your possessions, as well as the structure of your house. Our staff understands that when it comes to salvaging your things, responses must be quick. As a result, you can rest assured that our highly trained restoration crew will use the most efficient methods of cleaning and repair to preserve your possessions and house structure. So, your home will be returned to its original state before you know it.

If you need remediation for mold, fire, or water damage, contact our reputable company today!

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