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The mere mention of mold can cause business and homeowners to skip a beat. Why does this occur? It is primarily since mold, a type of fungi, has the ability to both cause damage to your building and adversely impact your physical health. Prolonged mold exposure can result in a variety of symptoms, including coughing, eye and throat irritation, stuffiness of the nose, and other respiratory problems.

Signs of Mold

To prevent mold from wreaking further havoc on your home and health, it’s crucial to be able to recognize signs of its existence at your property. In some circumstances, it is pretty easy to identify that the mold growth has gotten out of control and needs remediation.

There are times when mold is growing but is hidden behind walls, wallpaper, or other structures. Even though you cannot clearly observe the mold, it’s impacts are still present. It is vital to have the ability to recognize other indicators that there is mold, such as:

1. Prior Leaks or Flooding

If you’ve had a toilet leak or a leak coming from one of your plumbing lines, there could be mold hiding in close proximity to the area where the leak was active. Additionally, if the pipe actually burst and resulted in a flood, there is a strong possibility that if water was not thoroughly cleaned up, mold could be concealed in your household.

2. Suspicious Odors

If you find yourself detecting musty smells frequently, it could be from a nearby mold growth . This is especially true if the aromas are most conspicuous in areas of your office or house where there is water or humidity. For example, if you smell these odors in locations like your attic, there is a strong possibility that this is evidence of mold growth.

3. Previous Water Damage

Another indicator that you may have hidden mold is the presence of water damage. If there are brown spots on your ceilings, you notice that your flooring is warped, or there are bubbled areas on your walls, these occurrences are all potential manifestations that there is a leak. Since mold tends to be attracted to locations with water, there is a good chance that it is nearby if clues are hinting towards a water complication.

Whether you find clear or less visible indications of a mold infestation, it is important to contact R&J Snyder Enterprises if you live in Fredericksburg to come and check out your home or business to ensure that you stay safe and healthy.

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