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Water Damage Restoration in Northern & Central Virginia

Water Damage Restoration

When dealing with water damage, it’s important for owner to take immediate action. The water damage restoration professionals at R&J Snyder Restoration respond quickly and use advanced equipment and techniques to remove the water as soon as possible. Our water damage restoration team monitors the drying process to make sure the property is dried thoroughly.

With over 35 years experience as a remodeler for custom homes, Rick Snyder founded R&J Snyder Restoration to help families and business owners recover from flood and disasters fast. We’re dedicated to working with our clients to create the rooms they envision with the quality they expect. At R&J Snyder Restoration, we strive to provide high quality remodeling and finish carpentry, working within our customer’s budget.

We Use Cutting Edge Tools for Water Damage Mitigation

When water damage occurs in residential or commercial buildings, utilizing the best water restoration drying equipment as quickly as possible will help minimize damage to the property.

Time is always of the essence when it comes to restoration. To treat affected areas quickly and minimize health risks, we use:

  • Air movers are small drying machines that circulate air throughout the area.
  • Dehumidifiers extract moisture from the air.
  • Air scrubbers remove polluted air

All of these are extremely effective in increasing air flow to help push dry air into the affected area. The dry air then absorbs moisture from the room. When coupled with our commercial grade dehumidifiers, the drying process is expedited significantly and mold and mildew growth is minimized.

When it comes to hiring a crew to help remedy water damage, R&J Snyder Restoration is prepared to handle the job. Our experienced staff is well versed in treating a variety of water damage issues. You can trust that we will get the job done correctly to give you peace of mind.

Water Damage Restoration Homeowners Trust

When it comes to water damage restoration and flood mitigation in Stafford County and greater northern Virginia, nobody beats R&J Snyder Restoration. We are the water damage and flood mitigation contractor that homeowners, business owners, and insurance companies prefer. Why? R&J Snyder Restoration knows what works. For over 35 years, the R&J Snyder team has been helping families, business owners, and insurance adjusters get things back to normal after a flood or catastrophic event. We don’t cut corners, we don’t inflate prices, and we don’t dilly-dally. Our team of seasoned professionals works tirelessly to get our customers’ homes back to normal so they can move on from floods, leaks, and natural disasters.

As a partner of 911 Restoration, R&J Snyder is available all day, every day, ready to fix anything from floor to ceiling, and everything in between. No job is too big, no job is too small, because when it comes to your family, it has to be done right. So when your home or business is underwater because of a flood, leak, or clogged drain, call R&J Snyder to get it fixed, fast. R&J Snyder: we’re there when you need us.

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Repair Extensive Water Damage Fast with Our Water Mitigation Services

Our professionals at R&J Snyder Restoration can help you repair extensive water damage within your home. Besides our highly trained staff having superior technical skills, our water damage restoration company has high powered equipment that can repair water damage in just a few days. Air movers are incredibly helpful in the drying process. Increasing air circulation promotes a faster drying process. This process especially helps with floors and wet walls. The circulation of air inside helps move stagnant moist air out, and dry air in to help absorb moisture from surfaces. Dehumidifiers are also another great tool in extracting excess moisture from a home. While the dehumidifier is running, scrubbers will help restore cleanliness and sanitation by removing moldy smells associated with mildew.

Water damage should be a grave concern to every property owner. When water damage goes left unchecked, it causes considerable amounts of destruction resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs. Routinely inspect your house for small leaks to ensure water damage is not occurring. Periodically checking plumbing fitting under sinks, water heater connections, and inspecting your roof is a great way to stay on top of water damage prevention. If you need water restoration, give us a call today!

Our Other Damage Restoration Services

Our professionals at R&J Snyder Restoration can help with any restoration project. We also offer:

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Tips for Owners

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home or Business

Water restoration is very important! Preventing serious water damage requires the homeowner to be proactive in regular inspections. Basements, attics, bathrooms, and kitchens are common places for water damage. Repairing water leaks in these locations before they get severe will potentially save you thousands in repair bills. Checking for water marks on walls is also very important. These marks indicate leaks in pipes, or possibly bed pans of showers.

Analyzing the exterior of your property for proper water drainage is equally important. If you notice water pooling in your yard next to your house, some modification may need to be made to gutters, or the landscape to direct water away from your house. Directing downspouts away from your property will help keep water out of your basement, or crawl space. Periodically check your sump pump as well. Make sure water is being drained out of your property during periods of heavy rainfall.

Flood Damage Cleanup Tips for Homeowners

Flood damage can be detrimental to a structure. It is problematic since it can cause structural damage and even adversely affect the environment’s health with mold. There are numerous ways a home or business can be damaged by water. That is where R&J Snyder Restoration’s water damage restoration services come in handy. Common causes of flood and water damage are:

  • Heavy Rainfall
  • Burst Pipes
  • Leaky Pipes
  • Running Faucets
  • Damage from Falling Debris
  • Clogged Drains & Backups
  • Storm Damage
  • Faulty Plumbing
  • Old Pipes
  • Faulty Flashing
  • Rotten Roof Shingles
  • Rodent/Infestation Damage

What to Do If There’s a Flood in Your Home or Business

If possible, remove the water by mopping or blotting the areas with high saturation. If the affected area has items of high value such as furniture, paintings, or electronic devices, it is crucial to get these in a safe place. If the affected area has carpeting or rugs, it should be removed and laid outside to dry. The subfloor underneath carpeting can become soaked, which can ultimately ruin the material of your subfloor.

If you experience water damage in the summer, open doors and windows to let air inside. Increased airflow will help remove excess moisture in the air which will aid in the drying process. Open up closed compartments such as closets and cabinets to allow them to dry faster. Any other wet fabric in the house affected can be hung to dry.

The Best Defense Against Water Damage? Stop Leaks Before They Start. Here’s How:

The most common ways for water to get in your home is with heavy rainfall associated with moderate to severe rainfall, bursting pipes, and malfunctioning appliances. For the exterior of the house, inspecting your gutters and roof condition is a must.

Your roof is arguably one of the most important structural points of a house. It protects you from hot summer days and repels precipitation of any kind. Damage to your roof can occur from severe weather, high winds, falling debris, and extreme heat can cause delamination of shingles. Inspecting your roof every once in a while, is important in preventing leaks from above.

Your gutters are also very important in redirecting rain water. If you gutter downspout is too close to your home, it can seep into your basement or crawl space.

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